Our Business

Life does not continue without fueling chemicals to factories as well as our human body. Right chemical makes difference so we are here to do it.

1500-1700 degrees looks so high!!!! However, we are able to reach these degrees to produce one of the most important material which is Steel. We are the starting point of manufacturing this important material.

Roads, buildings and plants….. Human beings need all of them. All of these requires several sub materials to be built. We are glad to be part of building magnificent structures by participating this with our Chemicals and Metals as well as our sealants.

Adhesive is unrealizable and the least consumed item in a furniture. However, a single furniture can not be combined from all different items without adhesive. Therefore, we are here to provide the best adhesive to sustain the furniture structure bonded forever.

A vehicle is made of several parts and these parts are needed to join together for making a vehicle. Our adhesive and sealants are here to make this true and reliable. In addition, we also conduce to create structure of vehicle with our metals and alloys.

Boats, yachts, ferries and ships are huge complex structures. These structures consist of metals, parts made from chemicals and also adhesive and sealants. As a result, we provide the initial point of building these complex structures.